Every year thousands of children are referred to mental health services. Leading the pack for the reasons they’re seen is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Also known as ADHD, this condition affects nearly 5% of all children in the United States. The majority of those diagnosed with this condition are boys, but the condition is seen across the spectrum of genders. While once thought to be a childhood disorder, it has recently begun being diagnosed in adults.

In some cases, this condition manifests at a later age. In others, it has been a constant companion since childhood. Prestige Mental Health provides treatment for people living with ADHD in Las Vegas from every walk of life and age group.

Understanding And Treating ADHD In Adults and Children

While ADHD and ADD are known to affect patients of all ages, it’s uncommon for them to be diagnosed in adults. This lack of diagnosis isn’t because it is less common in adults but a lack of data. What is known is that symptoms in children persist into adolescence in 66% of cases. During this same period, those affected experience emotional, learning, and behavioral problems associated with the condition. 33%-50% of adolescents with ADHD continue to experience symptoms in adulthood.

The causes of ADHD are not well-understood, but current thought includes:

  • Genetics – 30-40% of those diagnosed have parents or siblings with this condition
  • Chemical Imbalance – Current studies show a strong likelihood that the cause is a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Despite prevalent anecdotal evidence suggesting that dietary factors are involved, they are not supported by science. Significant levels of research have focused on these reports without finding anything to support it. Also ruled out are visual motor difficulties or inner-ear problems. 

In most cases, the symptoms of ADHD go unnoticed until a child enters school. Diagnosis of this condition requires observation of symptoms in two separate settings. They also must interfere with regular functioning within these two environments. Additionally, six of the following symptoms must be identified:

  • Difficulty staying on task
  • Difficulty following instructions
  • Frequently loses things at home or school
  • Forgetfulness
  • Focused listening is difficult
  • Easy to distract
  • Struggles with attention to detail
  • Makes regular mistakes
  • Disorganization
  • Leaves tasks or homework incomplete
  • Difficulty staying still
  • Frequently leaves their seat at inappropriate times
  • Climbing or running inappropriately
  • Excessive talking
  • Struggles with quiet play
  • Always in motion
  • Blurts out answers to questions
  • Struggles waiting their turn
  • Interrupts frequently

When Is It Time To Call For Help With ADHD?

If you or your child experiences symptoms related to ADHD, Prestige Mental Health can help. Symptoms like these can cause difficulty at every stage of our lives. They can interfere with our hobbies, our careers, and our relationships if left untreated. Our team in Las Vegas, NV, works to help patients like you get control of their symptoms. During your visit, you’ll meet with April Sullivan, NP and undergo an evaluation. After reviewing your experiences and symptoms, they’ll be presented with treatment options appropriate to your case. Call and schedule your first session today!


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