For those who experience OCD, this chronic, long-lasting disorder creates urges and thoughts that can interfere with all aspects of life. More than 2.2 million adults live with this condition, and when left untreated, it can destroy a person’s ability to perform at work or school. It can even lead to an uncomfortable existence at home due to these compulsions and obsessions. Our treatment models focus on behavioral therapy techniques and medications that incorporate holistic, evidence-based methods to help our patients build the coping skills needed to improve their outlook and have better management of their condition.

Understanding OCD and How Our Treatments Help

OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, can often be described as habits exhibited to an extreme. People with OCD often have symptoms of obsessions and compulsions that are uncontrollable, even when recognized at the surface as excessive. When unable to perform these habits, moments of anxiety and fear can develop and inhibit that person’s ability to perform in their daily life. Often, these habits are performed to excessive degrees, spending hours at a time on perfecting and repeating the habit to remove the anxiety caused by these thoughts and behaviors.

This condition can ultimately harm that person’s mental health, causing other mental health conditions to develop due to the stress and pressure of obsessions and compulsions. At Prestige Mental Health, we understand that OCD can affect anyone and that the causes for this condition can stem from any factor, including genetics, brain chemistry, and the person’s environment. At our facility in Las Vegas, NV, we work to provide treatment plans that create a first-line treatment for OCD that’s best for you.

Our OCD Treatment At A Glance

Sullivan’s work with OCD patients works not just to subdue the condition but change lives by transforming their own understanding of their condition and where it started. With care available for both children, adults, and their families, our OCD treatment plans work through a model that’s comprehensive and compassionate to the lives of each person we meet. At a glance, our model works through these steps to help our patients get the most out of our care:

  • Initial Assessment: Through your initial psychiatric evaluation, our team will perform a basic diagnosis and evaluation of family history, symptoms, medical history, and past psychiatric history.
  • Evidence-Based Treatments: Once a diagnosis is established, we can provide multiple treatment options, including psychotherapy and medication therapy, to improve mental health
  • Follow-Ups and Management: Through a holistic approach and skill-building techniques, we work to help patients with OCD manage their condition by understanding its source, learning its habits, and improving quality of life through follow-up appointments.

For more details about how we work to treat OCD, contact Prestige Mental Health to schedule your initial psychiatric evaluation. We work through personalized approaches to every patient we meet, and we will be happy to help you.


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