The Many Benefits Of Mobile Mental Health

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The Many Benefits Of Mobile Mental Health

Technology has been driving the advancement of health care in numerous areas. Mental health is no exception. There’s been a growing trend of having an app for everything, from scheduling your appointments to finding referrals. Now you can even benefit from receiving mental health care using the benefits of telehealth technology. Thanks to this innovation, more people have access to the mental health services they need. Through these services, your therapist will be able to provide needed help and monitor your progress. All of this can occur from the comfort of your car, your home. Anywhere you want can be your therapist’s office to be.

The Many Benefits Of Mobile Mental Health

Mobile mental health support takes many forms. Many crisis centers now provide text-based access in addition to call centers. This option allows patients in need to reach out for help with additional privacy. The sensors on your phone can be used to provide information on behavioral patterns. This information goes beyond simple sleep tracking and can include options that provide safeguards against a crisis. 

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Mobile Mental Health


  • Convenience – You can receive treatment at any time and anywhere you happen to be. This flexibility means transportation and scheduling issues have less impact on your ability to receive care.
  • Anonymity – Those in need of mental health may have multiple reasons to want to keep their treatment under wraps. Mobile mental health options help protect your privacy.
  • Good First Step – Many first-time mental health patients are nervous about the experience. Mobile mental health can make it easier to have that first appointment.
  • Lower Cost – Reduced need for a physical office and greater patient capacity make it possible for therapists to provide more affordable rates.
  • Greater Therapist Insight – By speaking with you in your natural environment, your therapist gets more insight into your struggles. This greater insight can make mobile mental health even more effective.


  • Insurance – While this is quickly changing, not all insurance providers cover treatment by telemedicine for mental health.
  • Hardware Needs – Those receiving telehealth services require computers or smartphones that can accommodate them. This need can include having an internet connection through your phone or at home. Those who live in areas without phone service may have difficulty benefiting.

Overall there are significant benefits to mobile mental health services. The points above only refer to those instances where you are interacting with a therapist remotely. In addition to these technologies, there are also a growing number of apps that aid in mental health services. While they cannot replace a good therapist relationship, they provide options that can help between visits.

Speak To Your Mental Health Provide About Mobile Mental Health Today

The best way to get the most from mobile mental health services is by speaking to your therapist. They’ll provide you with the options they have for serving you remotely. They can also suggest apps that can help you address your concerns between visits. Together you can create a plan that helps advance your wellness with mobile mental health.

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